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The Challenge

You need to create a PowerPoint for an upcoming presentation and it has to be compelling, professional, and memorable. It might be to sell a new business idea to management, or provide an improved marketing tool for your sales team. Or, maybe the goal is to develop capital funding for a non-profit, or for a TED talk at a university. You already started roughing out your PowerPoint presentation but you know that the look and feel isn't as polished as it needs to be. Also, if your presentation is like many we see, it is may be too heavy on bullet points or have too much copy. It needs excellent photos and graphics to give punch and hold your viewers attention. And one more thing: time is tight and your greatest wish is that your PowerPoint presentation would somehow magically complete itself and be off your to do list.

The Solution

Start with a 10 minute call to Janet Bornemann at The PowerPoint Studio. Janet is a design and communications specialist with 21 years experience working on PowerPoint presentations throughout the U.S., Canada, and the UK. She has the same goals for your PowerPoint presentation as you: to create a presentation that is non-generic, tells your story, holds audience attention, and is remembered after the meeting is over.

Janet achieves this by developing an understanding of your unique communication needs, and giving it form with visuals, graphics, charts, and if needed, animation.

There is another benefit you receive by working with The PowerPointStudio: your project will not be down-delegated to a junior designer to work on, it stays with Janet start to finish. You communicate directly with the designer that is developing your PowerPoint communication. It just works better that way.

If these goals are your goals, call The PowerPoint Studio on your next project. Just ask for Janet.

Our Powerpoint Services

  • We view the PowerPoint slide show as your most critical tool for delivering clear and compelling business presentations. When properly designed, the PowerPoint slide show generates interest, promotes understanding, and enhances the connection between presenter and audience.

    Our detailed, creative designs focus attention on your key points using hierarchy, contrast, and color to create that all-important balance between text and imagery. We use our extensive experience in graphic design to develop custom graphs, charts and illustrations as required to promote clarity and to spark interest.
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  • Our custom graphics are created with your particular industry in mind and range from the buttoned- down and conservative, to the lively and freeform. The process usually unfolds as follows; A client will send us a rough powerpoint or outline composed mostly of text.
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  • Sometimes it seems impossible to find just the right clip art for your presentation. You have an idea for the perfect illustration for a slide but it isn’t in the clip art library. Looking further, you search the internet with the same result, the image that you seek just isn’t available.
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