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Branding In Your Custom Power Point Presentation

Creating a custom Power Point presentation is about more than just nice colors and great layout. While these are certainly important, branding also plays a crucial role. Whether your PowerPoint presentation is personal or for your company, it’s important to remember that it...

3 Signs You Need a PowerPoint Design Specialist

PowerPoint is ubiquitous in the business world, but not always appreciated as much as it should be. Given the fast pace of enterprise, any tool that can convey complex ideas in a short amount of time is absolutely welcome. However, in order to realize this value, it is a good...

Directing Attention and Emotion with Professional PowerPoint Design

Each PowerPoint presentation has a specific purpose, and the design of your slideshow must work toward that purpose. For a professional PowerPoint design that does its job effectively, you must keep in mind certain elements. These have to do with visual rhetoric, or the way in...

The Hidden Power Behind PowerPoint Presentations

In situations like these the age old saying ‘a picture’s worth a thousand words,’ comes into play again and again. It’s true, you can talk to a person until you’re red in the face but to really deliver a message and make it stick, you need depth....

Designing a Custom PowerPoint Background

You want to represent your brand in a way that will keep your audience’s attention, whether it be your coworkers, employees, manager, customers, etc. Custom PowerPoint designs can provide more flexibility than using standard templates. More specifically, creating a custom...

PowerPoint: the Public Speaking Tool

The PowerPoint program (published by Microsoft)  has been around almost as long as the personal computer. The first version was released for the classic Mac operating system in 1987. Of course the capabilities of the program improved with the development of Windows and Mac...

Dealing with difficult questions during a PowerPoint presentation

In theory, giving a perfect power point presentation is simple. In practice, however, giving a perfect talk is another story. Most people get nervous when they give presentations, though we’ve given some useful tips to deal with anxiety related to public speaking. A great...

he Art of Copy in Your PowerPoint Presentation

As an experienced PowerPoint User, you know that visuals are the foundation of any great presentation. But that doesn’t mean you should forget about the copy. Here are some text-related aspects to consider when creating an effective PowerPoint presentation. Keep it Visual...

Interesting Blog for PowerPoint Designers

I stumbled upon a blog today which is a terrific resource for anyone who uses PowerPoint. My first introduction to the blog was an article called “What’s the Problem with Creating A PowerPoint?” This is probably the most insightful article I’ve ever read about...

Is this the end of the PowerPoint presentation?

PowerPoint is everywhere. So are poor presentations. Does that mean that these poor presentations could have been better if they’d just used a different tool? After all, if you use the right tool your presentation should be awesome, right? There are some who believe this is true....