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Public speaker giving talk at Business Event.

The Art of Presenting: Characteristics of the Best Public Speakers

Speaking in front of a crowd can be a terrifying experience even if you’re the most extroverted of people. But if you’re passionate about what you do and you want other people to be as passionate as you are, speaking in front of people is the only way to achieve that goal. The...
presentation problems

The 7 Deadly Sins: 7 Ways to Kill Your PowerPoint Presentation

You might have heard some people say that they hate PowerPoint, and wondered why anyone would hate PowerPoint. The truth is that such people do not really hate PowerPoint, but instead hate how some individuals use it, or their own lack of understanding of how to use it. Do not...
how to give a presentation

How to Give a Presentation that Will Keep Your Audience Engaged

Did you know there was a name for fear of public speaking? It’s called Glossophobia, and it’s estimated that around 75% of the population suffer from it. Even if you’re confident in the content that you’ll be presenting and you are familiar with the people...

A Professional Powerpoint Presentation is the Best Calling Card

For your business card, do you simply print your name on thin paper and hand it out?  Absolutely not.  You invest time in choosing the right card stock so your calling card has particular weight and texture.  The font is sharp, crisp, and legible.  You want every feature of it to...

Presentation Designer: When Your Message Needs to be Heard

It’s just another slideshow – do you really need to discuss it with a professional presentation designer? Some questions are best answered by asking other questions. The first one: does your message need to be heard? If the answer is “yes,” then you should...

PowerPoint Instructional Designer

PowerPoint is a tool designed to create slides for presentations and it is used for this across the world.  It is also the tool that has created numerous slide decks for training with varying degrees of effectiveness. Why the varying degrees of success?  The number one reason is...

Creating a Professional Powerpoint Presentation to Compliment Your Next Speech

Presentations from any type of application adds visual emphasis to speeches and presentations. On the other hand, a bad presentation can do just the opposite. Slides with cluttered, confusing designs and too much text can irritate and confuse your audience. Compose Slides Keep...

Be On Point With Your Next PowerPoint Presentation

We all know how color, text, images, and organization can make or break a PowerPoint presentation. With all this focus on the presentation itself, you can’t forget the most important aspect of giving a speech; you. So, what should you be doing during the presentation? Read...

Three Situations You Should Consider Hiring A Powerpoint Design Specialist For

The world of professional PowerPoint designers is a fairly new and unexplored one. Many people don’t consider the fact that they may need professional help with their PowerPoint. Of course, they also don’t realize that their text-filled, random bullet-pointed and...

How Pictures Affect Retention in PowerPoint Presentations

Finding the right balance between pictures and text is an important aspect of your PowerPoint presentation. In this blog we’ll explain the effect pictures have in PowerPoints and why you should likely add more of them. First, you need to ask yourself what the goal of your...