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I created these PowerPoint Case Studies to describe the back story that goes into every PowerPoint project that I design. It provides insight into the behind the scenes work that is required for every successful presentation project. As a PowerPoint designer one thing I have learned is that creating a successful presentation is about much more then simply creating a pretty presentation.

Though great graphics are important, PowerPoint is fundamentally a communication tool, and involves a clear understanding of communication strategy to maximize its potential. It is additionally a communication that is built with the dimension of time, as successive slides unfold the message that you wish your audience to receive. These case studies begin to examine how this process of developing the communication actually works in a presentation created by The PowerPoint Studio.
As a PowerPoint designer I begin every project with a dialogue with my client. I use this back and forth exchange to uncover the key goals that have to be achieved in your custom PowerPoint design. A few of the questions that I frequently discuss are:
  • Who is your audience
  • What is their expertise with your product or service
  • What is their background, education, profession, age
  • What is your primary message to be communicated
  • What action, if any, do you want your audience to take after your presentation
  • What do you want audience to remember about your messaging
These questions open up a conversation about your messaging and overall goals of the presentation. I find this dialogue to be critical as a PowerPoint designer, to understanding your needs in creating a truly effective presentation.