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The Power Point designs we create are custom made for each client. We believe that every client’s message and audience is unique and your presentation should be as individual as you are. Because of our custom approach many clients have asked about our creative process, wanting to know how we come up with a certain design and why specific photos and colors were chosen.

To provide insight on our process we feature a new Case Study each month. We hope this provides some of the back story to our process. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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The company’s technology and products were viewed as one dimensional, when in fact they had leveraged their expertise in one technology to yield three additional platforms and numerous product candidates.


Since there were multiple drug candidates “growing” out of each platform, and multiple conditions affected by these drugs, the idea came to mind of something from nature actually growing and expanding. I created this animated vine graphic with four large leaves at the base representing the four main technologies. Springing up from those, one by one, are the drug candidates. Finally, the conditions these drugs would be used on are revealed.



Design a PowerPoint presentation which would serve as part of a webinar for a legal advisory group.The purpose of the webinar was to explain the importance of protecting one’s business in the event of a divorce. The text was provided to PowerPointStudio in the form of an article written fora different purpose. It was our job to extract key points from the article and to create a logical flow aseach point was introduced and then expanded upon. Since the attorney would be speaking at length during the introduction, it was important to have clean and simple graphics that would complement the audio portion of the presentation rather than distract his audience from it. It wasalso important to graphically organize the material with section breakers and lively charts to keep the presentation moving.


We researched stock photos that would successfully juxtapose the dream of the perfect marriage with the stark reality of 52% failure rates. When searching for images for a presentationsuch as this, we strive to achieve a consistent “look and feel”. In this example, we’re using a birds-eye-view of a young couple seated together in one shot, and separated in another to symbolizemarriage and divorce. A similar overhead view is repeated in the shot of another married couple and their attorney creating a prenuptual agreement. The statistics on divorce are then merged with the large, closely cropped images. From there we used supersized type to emphasize the key point that half of one’s business could be in jeopardy when legal measures are not put in place beforehand. The presentation has a flow created by varying the way the content is presented. In other words, a “big picture” slide may be followed by a slide with bullet points and another with a chart or graph. Finally, consistent colors and font styling throughout ties the presentation together and conveys a level of professionalism one would expect from this type of business.