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Custom Clip Art

Sometimes it seems impossible to find just the right clip art for your presentation. You have an idea for the perfect illustration for a slide but it isn’t in the clip art library. Looking further, you search the internet with the same result, the image that you seek just isn’t available.

To fulfill this need, and provide you with virtually any illustration for your presentation, we offer custom illustration services. If you can imagine it. . .we can create it. Quickly, easily, affordably.

The slide show above contains a small sampling of illustrations we have created for our client’s PowerPoint presentations. Clients come to us with very specific requirements, for example, a client may need to show a jet plane unloading, or a group of employees discussing a project, or a case of insulin vials. Whatever your messaging requires, we can create company specific illustrations to exactly your specifications.

Clip art databases

Some clients require multiple product specific illustrations, to populate the PowerPoint presentations they create, on an ongoing basis.

For this purpose we create custom illustration databases. These are collections of illustrations that can be used in multiple ways in your PowerPoint presentations. We work with you to determine the strategic illustrations needed for your product, service, and market. Once created, we upload these to our server, and provide you with secure access so that you and your associates may access these anytime and anywhere to populate your PowerPoint presentations.

Illustration databases of this type usually consist of from 50 to 150 company specific illustrations. Many also contain animations to be used in PowerPoint as well. If you would like additional information on how an illustration database can work for your company, call Richard directly at 978-266-0136.

illustrations of your product. . .before your product exists

Sometimes the ideal image for your PowerPoint is of a new product in development. The challenge is, your product may not yet exist, it is being prototyped, or in some cases, only exists in rough sketches. Our artists specialize in creating highly realistic, in fact, nearly photographic images, of future products. If you can sketch it, or even describe it, we can create a compelling realistic illustration for your PowerPoint presentation. Better still, this type of illustration can be used beyond PowerPoint, for website, brochure, and trade show applications providing you with multiple uses, without additional cost.

PowerPoint Animations

We also create animations that can be used within PowerPoint.

These may be simple or complex depending on your product, service, or specific need. These can provide highly detailed information within your PowerPoint presentation. For example, a new device or machine may come into view, and cutaway to show internal product features. Or, a complex scientific or biochemical process can be clearly depicted. Similarly, financial concepts can be explained in terms that promote your messaging. Animation is perhaps the most efficient tool for communicating complex animation. And if you can describe what needs to be said, our animators can create an animation that is spot-on for your next PowerPoint.

To see more illustration samples: www.bccreative.com