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The PowerPoint presentation designs shown on this page demonstrate the hallmark of our work: engage as many senses of the audience to increase attention and memorability. Studies have shown that the more senses are engaged during a talk and presentation, the more interested audience members become and the longer they retain the information presented. It’s basic human psychology. As an example of how this works, consider the simplest type of PowerPoint presentation design, a slide in one color with several bullet points. Not much interest. Now take that same slide and add a color photo of subject matter that relates to the bulleted copy. Attention and interest are increased. Now, add engaging copy, a dynamic color scheme, and a punchy headline. Audience focus and attention increases dramatically. Finally, where appropriate, add an embedded video or animation and again, the engagement of your audience is increased.
To make this work for your PowerPoint presentation we follow the three step process described below:
  • Develop and understanding of your business and/or product We ask lots of questions right from the outset. We want to understand your product or service, and define the messaging that you need communicated in your PowerPoint presentation design.
  • Develop graphics and obtain photos that reinforce and emphasize the unique challenges of your messaging. For infographics and charts, where required, develop graphics that depart from the standard bar and pie charts. We like to include symbols and icons, as pioneered by USAToday, to create engaging and clever data relationships.
  • Involve you in the process at appropriate project milestones so that you have the opportunity to provide input and comment on the design. The result is a truly custom and importantly, non-generic, presentation created for your unique product or service.

To learn more about the process we use, refer to our Case Studies section for details. There you can read detailed discussions of how the graphics, photos, text, and color have been used to create exceptionally engaging PowerPoint presentation designs.