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Custom Charts and Graphs are created with your particular industry in mind and range from the buttoned-down and conservative, to the lively and freeform.

The process usually unfolds as follows; A client will send us a rough powerpoint or outline composed mostly of text. After reviewing, we ask the following question; “Can one striking graphic be developed to replace 6 to 8 lines of bulleted text?” Usually, the answer is yes. Not that there’s anything wrong with bullet points. We just know that to captivate an audience, there must be a balance between what is written, and what is illustrated graphically. And we strive to attain that perfect balance with every presentation we create. Our solutions do not look like the typical PowerPoint graphics. That’s because we customize what the software is able to provide. Whether it’s a carefully crafted color pallete or the integration of stock photography, we strive to make your presentations unique for your market. Below are examples of graphics we’ve produced. Some have had labels removed or altered in keeping with the confidentiality agreement we have with our clients.

Recent Graphs and Charts