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Client: The Discovery Museums
Location: Acton, MA
Industry: Non-Profit Organization
Project: Infographics created for PowerPoint slides

It is important to consider your audience, even when the task at hand is as serious as raising money. The Discovery Museums needed to convince wealthy donors to contribute money toward their expansion efforts. But this involved so much more than saying “We have a larger audience to serve, we need more space.” Instead, we had to step back and talk about how the time in which a child can actually be a child is shrinking, causing a real learning gap. We needed to talk statistics showing that more and more people were getting onboard in support of hands-on learning.  And finally, we had to visually illustrate the large number of communities currently being served by this tiny, overcrowded museum.

Infographics for the museum’s PowerPoint presentation were designed to get these key points across, and they were created in a whimsical style to reflect the wonderfully fun nature of this method of learning.