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PowerPoint Studio Case Study for WindMill Networking

Client: Windmill Networking
Location: Irvine, California
Industry: Social Media Consultancy
Project: 20-slide Presentation for Business Workshop

Just the mention of a PowerPoint presentation has many executives running and screaming. Why? Well, too many companies feel that because you are doing a business presentation, that it needs to be “all business” in other words, serious and certainly not entertaining. This cannot be further than the truth. Case in point, Windmill Networking, a social-media consulting group. For this presentation, I thought about the audience, i.e. young professionals. Then I thought about how to communicate the different ways in which businesses can be “social”.  Hence, we see people in a line-up, interacting in a networking-type gathering, sitting on the floor, talking one-on one, being hoisted in the air, and finally leaping above the group to show commitment. There was, of course, in-depth information to be communicated, but that’s where the speaker came in. He was an expert at explaining his business, and because the slides were “clean” and not full of distracting elements, the audience could be mildly entertained, while still giving the speaker their undivided attention.