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Occasionally we are contacted by companies who actually don’t quite need a new PPT design. What these companies seek is another set of eyes and critique on their existing PPT project. Many times they feel their current presentation isn’t completely on message or lacking impact.

That’s where PowerPoint Studio can help. For these clients we created the Power Crit, a detailed examination and point-by-point critique of your existing PowerPoint design, with constructive action items of how the presentation can be improved. The Power Crit provides input on copy, graphics, photography and charts (if used), color scheme, template design, length of copy per slide, etc. The Power Crit is a cost effective way of bringing your PPT presentation to the next level.

It’s simple, fast, inexpensive, and here’s how it works:

  1. Send us your existing ppt.
  2. We develop a detailed slide-by-slide critique of what works, and what doesn’t.
  3. We follow up with a 45 minute coaching session, where we review the ppt with you and discuss ways that it can be tweaked and improved to be on message for your audience.


Better yet, if after discussing your PowerPoint you decide that a refresh or redesign by PowerPointStudio is what is required, the cost of the Power Crit is credited to your project.

If your project needs a Power Crit, simply email your PowerPoint to janet@thepowerpointstudio.com and we will contact you with a cost and timeframe.