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This presentation examined the feasibility of establishing a new restaurant venture in Palo Alto, CA. A “snapshot” of the market was created using upscale dining and interior stock shots. Facts and figures were given added interest by creating graphics that tied closely to the restaurant theme. I.e. a custom pie chart showing demographics of people who dine out regularly, is framed by an actual place setting. And restaurant start-up costs are elegantly listed in columns over a beautiful photo of an empty bowl. The end result is a presentation that is as tasteful as the business it represents.


As part of a leadership training series, DDJ Meyers, an Arizona executive training and recruitment firm, required supporting materials for a webcast developed in conjunction with the National Association of Federal Credit Unions. We were supplied with written content for approximately 60 slides covering a multitude of human resource related topics. Upon reviewing this text-only presentation, we saw the opportunity to bring key messages and concepts to light with a unifying template, custom charts, graphs, and strategically placed design elements. For example, a bulleted list of three, common to so many presentations, is expressed with giant colored bullets in orbit around a central thought. Shown above is a sample of the more visually rich slides, which serve as divider slides introducing each new section of content. The end result is a Power Point design presentation that is highly effective in delivering multiple messages in a form that the audience will retain.


Qwaku & Associates provides education and advocacy to individuals and organizations that serve under-resourced children. Dr. Thomas Stewart contacted us to create a presentation explaining the evolution of school choice, particularly in the inner cities. With a diverse audience that included policy makers as well as ordinary citizens and families, the presentation needed to deliver the facts in a friendly and accessible way. Taking cues from the education theme, a dramatically lit green chalkboard served as a striking background for the title slide. A warm palette reminiscent of school buses and “children crossing” signs complemented selected photos of children and families the way we’d all like to see them; happy, engaged, and excited about what the future holds.


Dr. Jay Levy performs surgery on patients with conditions such as diabetic retinopathy. Part of his practice is devoted to educating other medical professionals on the causes and treatments for this and other diseases of the retina. Dr. Levy engaged us to create a presentation that would complement his lecture and highlight the cutting edge technology used in retinal surgery. In addition to photos and illustrations, videos of the actual surgery were imbedded into the PowerPoint, making this a compelling teaching tool.